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This is the cake that started it all - the signature All Chocolate Cake. An everyday chocolate cake made with our own chocolate, with its unique dark roast flavour. This cake does not contain any cream, and its soft and moist cake layers are not too sweet, allowing the natural roast of the cocoa to shine through.

6" serves ~6-8 pax (~725g)
8" serves ~16 pax (~1.9kg)

from $40.00

The true blue foodie knows the magic of fresh local banana! We only use local bananas like pisang mas or pisang rajah, bought from small farms, for our delicious Chocolate Banana Cake, which has two layers of fresh banana between layers of chocolate cake.

6" serves ~6-8 pax (~925g)
8" serves ~16 pax (~2.1kg)

from $42.00

We use only whole dark pitted cherries and soak them in rum to bring out their flavour. The cherries cover both layers of fudge, and cherry rum juice is also drizzled on the soft cake layers, enhancing the delicious combination of chocolate, rum & cherries.

6" serves ~6-8 pax (~975g)
8" serves ~16 pax (~2.2kg)

from $45.00

All six flavours are found in the box set. The perfect one as a gift for someone special or self-indulgence. All-natural ingredients with no preservatives added, beautifully gift packed and with its freshness sealed in, also great for travel gifting or as souvenirs.

*We will replace with another flavour if we run out of the other*


$50.00 PER BOX

The hei ice cream is one of the reasons why our customers are constantly returning back for more! We insist on using only the best Belgian Chocolate and 100% Dutch fresh milk in our ice cream. Produced with a low overrun, this ensures that the ice cream gives a rich and dense flavour.

Pints - 435ml~500ml
Pans - 4350litres~5 litres

from $15.50

The perfect balance between premium sea salt and the richness of our caramel, artfully blended with Awfully Chocolate's own creation 45% dark milk chocolate. Regular milk will never be good enough again.


$11.80 PER TIN

We use only 60% dark chocolate for both the cookie batter and the chocolate.

12 pieces per tin

$19.80 PER TIN

No doubt our best seller, the Dark Chocolate Truffle is made of 70% dark chocolate, using only the finest belgian chocolate.


$20.00 PER BOX

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