• Singapore's most famous Christmas chocolate log cake for 23 years and counting, this festive staple is a must-have for all year-end celebrations on our sunny island! With luscious tiers of dark chocolate fudge and soft, moist cake, impress with this delicious seasonal special.

    9" good for 8-10 pax

    $92.00 In Stock
  • Our exciting new Christmas cake is made from moist chocolate cake layered with chocolate fudge and made extra moreish with our signature 70% dark chocolate, perfectly balanced with bright red Swedish lingonberries for some juicy tartness. Better than the icing on the cake? Our best-selling iconic cubed Dark Chocolate Truffles piled over this cake make it a very Merry Christmas!
    $98.00 In Stock
  • The only thing better than a red velvet cake in Singapore is a special Chocolate Red Velvet cake made by Awfully Chocolate this Christmas, using our Premium 100% Dark Cocoa of course, and a glorious chocolate cream cheese frosting with some caramel pearls for crunch.

    6" good for 6-8 pax
    $68.00 In Stock
  • All dressed up with everywhere to go, this Christmas Chocolate Mille Crepe will be seen at every gifting occasion dolled up with the finest fresh dark chocolate crepes, silky dark chocolate cream and Santa-red fresh raspberries. We were the first to popularise the delicate Chocolate Mille Crepe in Singapore and China and our Chocolate Mille Crepe remains one of our most popular choices today!

    $108.00 In Stock
  • Brighten up your Yuletide with fresh red cherries and aromatic rosemary over this elegant dark chocolate cake layered with hazlenut praline and lightly crunchy feuilletine. Original French pralines were a pastry filling of nuts cooked in burnt sugar - enjoy how we elevate the praline into a chocolate cake of its own!

    6" good for 6-8 pax
    8" good for 12-16 pax
    from $72.00 In Stock
  • Red plums take centrestage in our first Christmas chocolate plum cake, dressed with fresh maple mascarpone cream, brown sugar caramelised hazlenuts and fresh fig.

    7" good for 8-10 pax
    $82.00 In Stock
  • Our beautiful Christmas chocolate brownie made extra special with single origin chocolate from Ecuador's finest. This 76% chocolate has strong dark cacao tones with tropical fruity notes.

    10" good for 12-16 pax
    $80.00 In Stock
  • The best brandy fruit cake in town is stuffed with cranberries, currants, black and gold raisins and lashed with brandy, fresh fig and blueberries. A touch of cinnamon bark, rosemary and star anise give that spice kick to a chocolate gift that tastes and wafts Christmas in every bite, welcome this new seasonal cake to a fitting year end celebration.

    8" good for 8-10pax
    $98.00 In Stock
  • Crisp on the outside, rich and dense on the inside. Dusted with our Premium 100% Dark Cocoa and beautifully decorated with a hand-tied bouquet garni of dried grapefruit, cinnmon and fresh-dried rosemary, this best-seller never looked so good! Gluten-free.

    8" good for 8-10 pax
    $80.00 In Stock
  • This signature flavour just gets better at Christmas with natural sea salt lifting the caramel, combining gorgeously with 60% dark chocolate ganache and layers of soft chocolate cake. Morsels of caramel brittle add crunch, and the pretty yuletide spiced garnishes of cinnamon, bay leaf and star anise remind us there's no place like home at the year end!

    6" good for 6-8 pax
    8" good for 12-16 pax
    from $62.00 In Stock
  • The taste and smell of Christmas come home when poached pear slices with whiffs of spice get layered between dark chocolate cake, vanilla and butterscotch cinnamon cream, and pretty forget-me-not flowers peep through crunchy streusel biscuit crumble.

    6" good for 6-8 pax.
    $68.00 In Stock
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