Brand Concept & Design

Our stores are designed to convey the philosophies of our brand.
Our starting point is usually how the store can enhance its immediate environment.
The design philosophy is to stand out, not stick out.
We pick to be in places where we can be an asset to the people. shops and buildings that will surround us.
That's because we're good neighbours.
Each store is a statement in itself. The inspiration is not to merely build a stylish place to sell or to drive up the consumers' impulse to buy.
It is to convey to our customer that he or she is not walking into a typical cake shop, that there is no comparison and that the products they are buying are unique.
No two stores are identical and each has its own unique characteristics.

But all our stores evoke a sense of space and simplicity. Finally, we ask ourselves whether the architecture of the space is sustainable.
Does it require a disaproportionate amount of resources to maintain? If it does, then its not good design.
And that's not something you can ever say about an Awfully Chocolate space.

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