Brand Story

Back in 1998 we decided we would give the boot to fancy French pastries (which were concoctions of everything but cake)
that had invaded Singapore and bring the humble cake back to its glory days.
We resolved to put the cake back into cake and we would make it chocolate. It was a simple resolve and we didn’t want to complicate it. 
So we started a cake shop selling only one cake – a simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge.
Real cake one could bite into, rich in taste yet moist and light. Not just mouthfuls of mousse or cream.
Not overly sweet but something you would find yourself craving for regularly and never tire of.
Since then Awfully Chocolate has grown from a one cake shop in Katong into a group of shops,
cafes and restaurants bearing our love for dark chocolate, both in Singapore and overseas.

Our products are all handmade daily from scratch and by hand to ensure that only premium quality chocolate goods are shared with our customers.
As we expanded into more chocolate desserts for our dining concepts and our handmade chocolate gifting & travel lines, we still insist on handcrafting all our products.
We have a deep understanding of the preferences of the market and we continually strive to challenge ourselves
by coming up with unique dark chocolate pairing and products to differentiate ourself.
We do not chase after fads, we remain contrarian and unique.
And we generally avoid paid advertisements - if we have to pay to say we're good, we're not that good.

As Awfully Chocolate continues to grow, we want to take new steps in our ongoing effort to be more mindful of the earth and our place in it.
You will see more eco-friendly practices becoming part of our values, and we hope that you walk this journey with us.

Our company aims to provide safe foods at all times, meeting all statutory & regulatory, customer requirements.
We have adopted the internationally recognized ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, to ensure that safe foods are provided at all times, beginning from the purchasing of raw materials, to preparation and the delivery of our products to our customers. This is communicated effectively to all of our stakeholders - consumers, suppliers, service providers and our employess to ensure food safety.
We will stay committed to improve our Food Safety Management System continuously and to ensure food safety competencies are met at all times.

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