Brand Values

In every aspect of our business from the products we design to our store designs and services, the guiding principles of how Awfully Chocolate operates is this:



We don’t ask what customers are looking for, we tell them what we can provide for them.
Our understanding of our customers combined with our need to innovate and be contrarian will ensure a challenging and creative kind of cool at Awfully Chocolate.
The stores generally deploy a minimalist and uncluttered layout, giving customers a sense of space and simplicity.
We pick to be in places where we can be an asset to the people, stores and buildings around.
We believe in letting our products speak for themselves. With a strong understanding of the brand DNA, we see potential in every staff, and they are the brand ambassadors.


We believe in providing quality and handcrafted products.
From our artisanal dark chocolate desserts to our chocolate gifting line, each of our fresh bakes are baked daily by hand and from scratch.
Our artisanal products are made not to only taste good, but also look good.


Too often brands and businesses feel compelled to be nice to nasty customers, especially the more they threaten.
Here at Awfully Chocolate, we think differently.
We believe in showing our appreciation to nice customers, and we do so with spontaneous treats to customers who treat people nicely.
We also believe in growing a more positive, authentic environment on social media,
so if you don't see us respond to questionable rants online, you'll know it's because we dont encourage anonymous negativity.

As we continue to do what we love, we’ve decided to up the ante on being more kind to the earth,
and one start is by removing all single-use plastics and plastic bags from our stores.
For our proprietary designed packaging, we hope that our customers will reuse whatever spoons and jars they can, as these were not designed to be single use.
We hope that you enjoy this journey with us.

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