Bask In The Chinese New Year Spirit With Our Luxurious Chocolates

If you are looking for good chocolate for the Chinese New Year (CNY) season, look no further. With Awfully Chocolate’s new range of specially curated Lunar New Year Chocolate Bars, there are goodies for everyone!

What is a good chocolate bar to buy?

If you are a chocolate lover, you cannot miss out on Awfully Chocolate’s CNY chocolate bars. Created as seasonal specials for the Lunar New Year, our chocolate bars hark back to traditional flavours such as Love Letters and incorporate fresh elements like Soba. 

Our CNY Almond Chocolate Bar is a premium creation made with 70% Dark Chocolate and the honeyed woody notes of almonds, making it a must-buy for nut lovers.

Experience the quintessential taste of Chinese New Year with Singapore's one-of-a-kind Love Letters Chocolate Bar inspired by the festive occasion. The pairing of gourmet love letters and chocolate makes it an ideal gift for CNY.

The CNY Orange Chocolate Bar is a go-to choice for fans of fruit and nut chocolate with caramelised orange, cranberries, and roasted almonds adding a sublime finishing touch to our 70% Dark Chocolate.

Experience a rich fragrance with every bite of our CNY Pulau Hitam Chocolate Bar - the roasted black rice elevates our 45% Dark Milk chocolate to new heights. It is the consummate present for colleagues, bosses and friends new to our country with its distinctly Singaporean flavour.

Our CNY Soba Chocolate Bar infuses lightly roasted Japanese soba grains with the nutty taste of our high-quality 60% Dark chocolate. The ultimate choice for those with adventurous taste buds or people seeking a fresh take on chocolate.

With contemporary and traditional ingredients, there is a chocolate bar to suit everyone’s taste.

How Can I Buy Your Chocolate?

Head to one of our many locations or order our chocolate online to stock up on your favorite treats for the Lunar New Year. You can deliver our chocolate bars to your loved ones, colleagues, or clients to wish them a happy Chinese New Year now too!

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