The Perfect Gift Of Luxury Mooncakes

Gift your corporate clients and partners the perfect set of luxury mooncakes. 

Impress with matching sets of Awfullychocolate’s bespoke solid wooden chests - the finest Classic Baked Mooncakes and specialty Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes that pair our best luxury cacao with a mixture of bright modern flavours. 

Our Classic Baked Mooncakes feature some sought-after favourites and innovative and perennial flavours, including The Original Chocolate Mooncake.  All baked mooncakes come in individual hand-brushed silver tins with beautiful engraved bamboo lids and golden sporks. Each chest comes elegantly packaged in a suede-finish bag for an added touch of luxury.

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 Classic Baked Mooncakes 

Elevate your Mid-Autumn Celebrations with a chest of our finest mooncake flavours. Place a matching set of our bespoke solid wood chests in the middle of the dinner table and host your own tasting session as you and your guests make your way through each of the flavours.

Start with our signature all-chocolate mooncake, The Original Chocolate Mooncake. This delicious mooncake is filled with luscious 60% dark chocolate lotus baked in mooncake pastry made the same Awfully Chocolate Premium 100% Dark Cocoa used in our cakes and Hei Ice Cream. Our newest White Chocolate Macadamia Rose will tickle your tastebuds with fragrant macadamia nuts in smooth white lotus. This beautiful mooncake gets its rose tint from healthful red yeast rice. Let’s not forget the classics with our premium White Lotus Double Yolk and a delicious Dark Chocolate Custard Single Yolk.

 Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes 

The perfect after dinner chocolate! Enjoy our speciality Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes made with our chocolate grades paired with unique flavours such like tangy apricot, rich black sesame, robust double espresso and a refreshing dark cherry.

Customised Corporate Giftsets & Hampers In Singapore

In addition to our Mid-Autumn collection, we offer a range of corporate gifts for any occasion. Handmade in Singapore, each beautifully wrapped gift set is filled with our exclusive collection of chocolate gifts and  favourites, thoughtfully selected and presented with love, bringing a smile to every recipient!

 Awfully Chocolate Gift Boxes

We work with a wide range of clients from different industries, hence understanding the quality and considerations in preparing the perfect corporate gift, in line with your company’s brand story and branding.

Aside from our selection of chocolate bars boasting a variety of flavours that excite all - from the classic dark and milk chocolates to popular caramel brittle sea salt and crunchy feuilletine - our delicious range of cookies are not to be missed as well! Or if you’re looking for a lavish token of appreciation, our collection of Gorgeous Truffles is sure to delight.

Whether you are looking for customised souvenirs, gifts of appreciation or special mementos, our chocolate gifts are the perfect accompaniment to your every occasion.

Please contact us today at and receive an e-brochure with our list of chocolate gift boxes. Let us know how we can prepare the best customised gifts for you.

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