Celebrate Mother’s Day!   

Every Mother's Day is special, but we want to make 2022 really one to remember. After going through so much in the past few years, Mum, you're a pillar who's helped hold it all together.  Just for you, we've filled our calendar with some lovely ideas this Mother’s Day, starting always with the most important thing in everyone's Mother's Day planning - The Cake!


Give Singapore's Best Mother's Day Chocolate Cake 

For the first time in two years, we've created an all-new cake for Mother's Day to celebrate a fresh spring in the air! Mum will love the abundance of fresh flowers, marigolds and red strawberries on her Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake - watch out, she may never want a plain shortcake ever again! Every Mother's Day cake comes with a set of elegant gold candles and a Mother's Day cake topper in this year’s wildflower & butterfly design. Wildflowers symbolise joy, and butterflies represent hope and life - and every Mum brings these into our lives!     

Get the All Chocolate Heart Cake for Mum, exclusively online! This moist chocolate cake has double layers of dark chocolate fudge and is handcrafted to highlight our cocoa’s natural dark roast to give you the perfect treat that is less sweet. 

Whether it is your mum, aunt or grandma, celebrate all the women in your life who are mother figures to you. From artisanal cakes, Awfully Chocolate x Sinpopo Brand Truffles, Mother’s Day premium gifting collection and A Chocolate Fondue Date with Mum-  we have the perfect gifts and experiences to make every Mum know how much we care.

And if one cake isn't enough for the celebrations, make sure you also get our Original All-Chocolate Cake, the go-to cake for thousands of Singaporeans. Year after year, we're touched that our Cake That Started It All is such a precious part of your family traditions. Every Original Cake bought during this season- whether in All Chocolate, Chocolate Banana or Chocolate Rum & Cherry - also comes with the Mother's Day cake topper and set of gold candles, just let us know it's for Mother's Day.

Awfully Chocolate presents Sinpopo Brand 
Mother's Day Truffles Collection
 To mark this special Month of Mum, we present a special Mother's Day Truffles Collection that marries Singapore’s Favourite Chocolate with the Best of Singapore Flavours! Mum will love these melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate truffles in Pulut Hitam Black Sesame, Ondeh Ondeh and Earl Grey tea.  This is our first official truffle collaboration with Sinpopo Brand, just to celebrate Mother's Day, so make sure you get these limited edition chocolates while stocks last. Our Mother’s Day 2022 wildflower & butterfly design in burgundy is also found on this truffle gift box, to match the cake topper on your Mother’s Day cake. Buy this Truffle Collection with the Mother’s Day Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake as a matching gift set for all the wonderful mothers in your lives. 


Mother’s Day Selection of Best Chocolate Gifts 
You’ll find a whole selection of beautiful Mother’s Day gifts in our premium gifting collection at Awfully Chocolate boutiques and cafes, from Raffles City, Ion Orchard, Great World City, VivoCity and TampinesOne, to our flagship restaurant The Awfully Chocolate Bakery & Cafe at 131 East Coast Road. 

Special Bake from Home Gift Set

Look out for the Bake from Home gift set in our elegant leatherette box with gold satin ribbon and heart locket gift tag, comprising our full range of 100% Premium Dark Cocoa, 70% Dark Chocolate Couverture and 60% Dark Chocolate Couverture ($45).  Special $60 gift sets come with an Awfully Chocolate chocolate board and matching knife set with three styles of cutting knives and fork, perfect for any kind of chocolate, cheese, fruit and charcuterie.  The Chocolate Board alone is worth $50, so you get it at great value as part of this Mother’s Day chocolate gift - Mum would surely approve! Melt Mum’s heart with the 60% and 70% melting chocolates, or bake the couvertures into some cookies for Mum!  Mix our 100% Premium Dark Cocoa into a delicious hot chocolate for Mum, and don’t be surprised when she loves it because it tastes like her favourite Awfully Chocolate cake! These are our bespoke chocolates we use in our own recipes, so you can use them in yours, or eat them straight as a luxurious snack.  

Best Chocolates, Chocolate Clusters & Chocolate Cookies 
We’ve curated a luscious selection of chocolate gifts and cookies Mum and you will enjoy choosing from- for every kind of Mum! There’s the best-selling Cookie Chip Chocolate, our iconic reverse cookie for those who know there’s no such thing as too much chocolate in a cookie…
From the new Chocolate Clusters range, we’ve picked out the pretty Caramelised Hazelnuts coated in 70% dark chocolate as our choice of heaven for Mum.  And for the dark chocolate lovers, you can’t beat the elegant 70% Dark Chocolate Batons in black and gold box sets.  From the Premium Fruit & Nut Range we recommend Mums the fruit nut and cookie crunch-studded Orange, Almond & Cranberry chocolate bars, where each bar comes in a protective metal tin you can reuse as a makeup brush or mask case.  The newest Smoked Salt chocolate bar will bring tears of joy to Mum’s smokey eyes, and for those Pretty in Pink, they’ll love Strawberries & Cream. All these products are also available online here.

Awfully Chocolate Great World City Exclusive
A Chocolate Fondue Date with Mum
25 April - 6 May 2022

You’ve got the big 10 person gathering on actual Mother’s Day 8 May planned, but how about getting some special alone time with just Mum and you?


Make it the perfect Chocolate Fondue Date for Two with Mum at our cosy cafe in Great World City and watch the world go by in this 360 space with views all around this freshly revamped mall.  Enjoy our first chocolate fondue spread made on the spot with the popular 60% dark chocolate, dipping chunks of brownie, madeleines, biscotti, fresh fruit, cacao nibs and more! Early birds who join our new membership also get a complimentary box of Mother’s Day Truffles worth $20 after your fondue date! 
After your happy fondue, enjoy shopping at Great World City with Mum- directly opposite us are two lovely jewellery stores Chomel and just opened Curious Creatures, with something sparkly for every Mum. Across you’ll find funky gifts like Kate Spade pens at Papermarket, and gorgeous dresses from Gin Lee, Blum and Our Second Nature. Deck out Mum’s living spaces with ideas from The Green Capsule and Lim’s arts, or pamper her with treats from Spa Esprit and Myeongdong Hair Studio. Don’t forget to end your special date with blooms from Veronica’s Florist, near the first and biggest CS Fresh (the new Cold Storage supermarket) - yup, Mum might just want to pop in for a look too!

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