Gift Some Love this Valentine’s! 

While romantics will always enjoy Valentine’s as a special time,
we believe that this season of love is for everyone to celebrate all kinds of love!

So whether it’s love for friends, parents or pets,
make Valentine’s the time to say I appreciate your love today as much as I do every other day of the year! 
This is love from all of us at Awfully Chocolate, thanking you for supporting us through these unstable pandemic times
and ensuring that our hardworking staff kept gainfully employed when it was needed the most. 
There’s always a bit of our love in everything we make and everything we do,
and we believe you can taste it too when you enjoy our products, our design and our restaurants.

  This 2022, we’ve created a new Valentine’s Griotte Cherry Truffle with Kirsch,
made from beautiful wild Morello cherries soaked in Kirsch and liqueur, paired perfectly with our 60% dark chocolate ganache.
In the world of gastronomy, these little crunches of marble-like cherry give sparkle and glamour,
intoxicating you with flavour and texture.
Buy them in boxes of 6, or try them in our Gorgeous Truffles Assortments of 18 and 30.

Our new Gorgeous Truffles boxes come in elegant quilted leatherette casing,

matching chocolate-brown grosgrain ribbons and a little gold heart locket gift tag for your own messages this season. 


For perfect Valentine’s cakes, The Original All Chocolate Heart is always a best-seller,
poised to pair well with our Gorgeous Truffles. 
Made from our secret 24-year-old dark chocolate cake recipe,
this is the cake that started Awfully Chocolate and made the brand what it is today. 
No wonder we love it as a simple heart for Valentine’s,
when it boasts the same unbeatable moist cake with a touch of spring in its texture,
and that luscious dark chocolate fudge which does not rely on any heavy cream for its smooth creamy texture.
That’s why you can eat it and never get tired of it. 


Chocolate-centric dessert menu by Senior Chocolate Chef Gino Wong specially for you and your Valentine!
For the first time ever,
Senior Chocolatier Gino Wong will be holding an exclusive event by reservations only from 9-11pm on 12,13, and 14 Feb 2022.
Featuring a chocolate-centric dessert course,
this artisanal menu will be the perfect end to you and your lover's evening this Valentine's Day.

Limited sets available each night. 


Chef Gino will be present to prepare all 3 dessert courses on-site

A silky Ivory Chocolate Panna Cotta with White Peach granita and Chef Gino's blood orange sorbet

The 60% Cacao Cremuex Sphere oozing with caramel lava and glazed with awfullychocolate's 60% chocolate


This event is held exclusively at 131 East Coast Road, our flagship Bakery & Cafe. 
Be a bakery club member now and start earning cashback whenever you visit our flagship store at East Coast!

For something more extravagant,
you’ve got to try The Valentine’s 2022 Chocolate Cake,
a limited edition dark cocoa red velvet cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and velvety chocolate cream
with fresh raspberries and blueberries.
Made with our Premium 100% Dark Cocoa, this is the red velvet cake extraordinaire for your special day.

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