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  • Grant Fortune to your loved ones with our perfect Fortune Gift Sets

    This Gift Set Contains:

    -Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
    -Salted Caramel Latte
    -Strawberries & Cream and Hazelnut Croquant

    $68.00 In Stock
  • Gift Set Contains:
    -2 Tin of Chocolate Cookies (Black Cocoa & 70% Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Cookie)
    -Java Chip Chocolate Bar
    -Buttered Waffle Chocolate Bar
    -Sao Thome & Venezuela Single Origin Chocolate Bars

    $98.00 In Stock
  • Gift Set Contains:
    - 2 Tins of Chocolate Cookies (White Chocolate Macadamia and 60% Chocolate Chip & Vanilla)
    - 1 Tin of Cappucino Chocolate Bar
    - 1 Tin of Smoked Salt 
    - 2 Tins of Single Origin Chocolate Bars (Sao Thome and Ecuador)

    $88.00 In Stock
  • This Gift Set Contains:
    -60% Chocolate Chip & Vanilla Cookie
    -3 Tins of Chocolate Bars ( Espresso. Matcha Latte & Dark Cookies and Cream)

    $58.00 In Stock
  • The Baby First Month Gift Set comes with a combination of
    - 4" Flourless Chocolate Cake
    - Red Chocolate Eggs
    - a tin of 60% Chocoate Chip and Vanilla Cookies
    $58.00 PER BOX In Stock
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