18pcs Mixed Gorgeous Truffles
18pcs Mixed Gorgeous Truffles
18pcs Mixed Gorgeous Truffles

18pcs mixed gorgeous truffles

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18 pcs Mixed Gorgeous Truffles

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All six flavours are found in the box set. The perfect one as a gift for someone special or self-indulgence. All-natural ingredients with no preservatives added, beautifully gift packed and with its freshness sealed in, also great for travel gifting or as souvenirs.

We will replace with another flavour if one is not available.
Allergens Detail
Shelf Life & Storage

Storage Conditions: Please keep the truffles refrigerated.
Shelf Life: Please refer to expiry date on packaging.

Gluten/Flour - YES
Egg - NO
Dairy - YES
Soy - YES
Nuts - YES
Alcohol - YES
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When properly fermented, Nacional cacao from Manabí tends to be well-balanced with moderate acidity and tannic structure, famously aromatic, with a highly complex range of flavor notes across the floral-fruit spectrum, often with grassy and nutty notes, among other accompanying characteristics.