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45% dark milk chocolate batons

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45% Dark Milk Chocolate Batons

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Introducing our new 22 Baton gift boxes this season, making your recipients feel appreciated was never this easy!
An Awfully Chocolate unique blend, the 45% Dark Milk combines the smooth goodness of white chocolate with our favourite dark chocolate. The result? The perfect Dark Milk, made less sweet for better roast taste than regular commercial milk chocolate.

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Shelf Life & Storage

Storage Conditions: Please keep the items stored in a dry cool area.
Shelf Life: 2-4 months from date of delivery.

Gluten/Flour - NO
Egg - NO
Dairy - YES
Soy - YES
Nuts - NO
Alcohol - NO
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When properly fermented, Nacional cacao from Manabí tends to be well-balanced with moderate acidity and tannic structure, famously aromatic, with a highly complex range of flavor notes across the floral-fruit spectrum, often with grassy and nutty notes, among other accompanying characteristics.