• Crisp on the outside yet rich and dense on the inside, this gluten-free cake makes a great option as a chocolate cake with a unique texture!

     8" - (serves ~12-16pax)
    12" - 1.3kg (serves ~16-20pax)

    from $58.00 In Stock
  • Full-bodied and chewy, our moreish brownie is layered with handmade butterscotch on top and in the centre, with natural sea salt exalting its salty-sweet finish.

    Dimensions: 10" x 10"
    1.4kg serves ~14-18pax

    $70.00 PER BOX In Stock
  • Indulgence comes in the form of our Nutella Tart. Generous amount of baked nutella layered on top of a dark chocolate cookie crust. This delicious combination of soft chocolate and crunchy tart is a must-have for any occasion!

    11.5" in diameter
    1.3kg serves ~16-20pax

    $108.00 In Stock
  • An elegant Awfully Chocolate rendition of the classical Italian dessert. Must-have mascarpone cheese and Italian sponge fingers are first soaked in coffee and coffee liqueur. Then we add the magic of dark chocolate cake drizzled with coffee, and a hearty layer of chocolate sabayon. It’s the world’s best Chocolate Tiramisu by Awfully Chocolate!


    $19.90 In Stock
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