Awfully Chocolate Mid-Autumn Collection 2023


Luxurious gifting starts with The Awfully Chocolate Mid-Autumn Collection 2023, our annual foray into mooncake finery. Our premium mooncake comes in an elegantly designed wooden collectible chests paired with our customised classic golden fork-knives. Perfect for all your gifting needs, present our gorgeous mooncakes in a sleekly designed gift bag to all your loved ones, clients and friends.

Give the gift of luxury this Mid Autumn 2023, with Awfully Chocolate’s most elegant and finest selection of handcrafted mooncakes. Our unique mooncakes are all presented in classic and refined collectible wood grain chests, complete with sleek gold fork-knifes. Awfully Chocolate’s Mid-Autumn Collection is perfect for all your precious mooncake sharing moments and gifting experiences.
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Lift the beautifully-grained wooden lid of our collectible mooncake chest to reveal four tastefully designed slate grey mooncake tins holding our most premium mooncake flavours! Each mooncake has been artfully baked to perfection, featuring delicious flavours such as the classic double yolk, artisanal praline, our signature awfullychocolate brownie and premium fruit and nut combinations. Each mooncake is marked with an intricate mooncake pattern that is the awfullychocolate’s testament to preserving a longstanding tradition while embracing creative innovation. Enjoy and indulge in timeless delicacies in the most luxurious way possible, with our most highly anticipated mooncake collection ever.


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Our elegant wooden chest opens up gently to reveal four specialty Chocolate Truffle mooncakes - our original creation. Delight in our chocolate expertise and finesse with our latest range of familiar yet timeless flavours of rich 83% Superdark chocolate, Oolong Peach, Salted Caramel and White Chocolate Almond Croquant. Our chocolatiers take extra care in ensuring the highest standard of our Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes. Order yours now to gift Singapore’s Favourite Chocolate Mooncakes this season! Available while stocks last.

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