The Awfully Chocolate Mid-Autumn Collection 2022


Give the gift of luxury this season with The Awfully Chocolate Mid-Autumn Collection 2022 - our finest selection to date of two unique styles of gorgeous mooncakes in collectible woodgrain chests! This year’s resplendent chests come in classic herringbone marquetry paired with modern Chinese double doors in shades of jade for the Classic Baked Mooncakes and slate grey for our specialty Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes. Each double door closes with a soft touch, and the interiors are laid with golden customised fork-knives for your elegant gifting. Every mooncake chest comes packaged in an elegant matte velvet grey gift bag.
Have you been collecting our reusable golden Mid-Autumn cutlery year after year? Previously, these delicate sporks were combinations of a spoon-fork.  Enhance your collection this year with the new customised fork-knife, with a gentle knife at the end of each golden fork to help share your precious mooncakes with everyone! 
Classic Baked Mooncakes
Open the Chinese double doors of this beautiful collectible herringbone marquetry wooden chest to reveal four sleek reusable jade tins of our Classic Baked Mooncakes, filled with our best collection of mooncake flavours to date!  Every mooncake has been crafted and baked to perfection, with rich moist fillings paired with delicate pastry and creative centre yolks.  Each year, the anticipated Awfully Chocolate Original Chocolate Mooncake just gets better as we keep working to ensure the highest standard we expect in a delicious dark all-chocolate mooncake!  To complement our signature mooncake are three exciting new yet classic flavours crafted just for this Mid-Autumn season! Everybody loves Tiramisu, so the Tiramisu Mooncake will blow minds with its roasted coffee lotus. The Chocolate Brownie Mooncake is the only brownie mooncake in town, made from our famous chewy fudge brownie recipe paired with molten salted caramel.  Fragrant hazelnut pastry enrobes soft Portuguese custard lotus in our Hazlenut Custard Double Yolk, an elevation in mooncake finery!
Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes
This slate grey and herringbone design wooden chest stylishly opens up its unique double doors like a rich tome to reveal eight specialty Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes, our original creation which proudly shows off our Asian traditions married to our chocolatier artisanship. Our bakers and chocolatiers pair the Awfully Chocolate range of pure and rich cacao with unique and timeless flavours to produce unforgettable creations that explode with taste and elegance at every gifting occasion and table. Luxuriate in soft centres of fresh passion fruit, our delicious crème brûlée, the classic cookies & cream and crunchy hazelnut feuilletine,while the crisp chocolate shells of dark and lighter chocolate enrobe morsels of our best-selling chocolate ganache. 
Been a loyal Chocolate Truffle Mooncake gifter season after season? You’ll notice that our Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes are now 50% bigger than before! All the better to use the new fork-knives on and share the goodness!  Get in the festive mood and gift both The Classic Baked Mooncakes and the Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes as a luxurious set of the finest in Mid-Autumn gifting, and you’ll be sure to impress every one of your family, friends and colleagues!
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Impress your clients and loved ones with The Awfully Chocolate Mid-Autumn Collection 2022,
comprising the Classic Baked Mooncakes (box of 4) and Chocolate Truffle Mooncakes (box of 8). 

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