• Our signature all-chocolate mooncake with luscious 60% dark chocolate lotus baked in mooncake pastry made with Premium Dark Cocoa
    White chocolate and macadamia in premium white lotus, mooncake pastry rose-tinted with healthful red yeast rice
    Double yolks in smooth white lotus baked in traditional mooncake pastry
    Portuguese custard with single yolk in our darkest mooncake pastry made from Dark Cocoa

    $88.00 PER BOX In Stock
  • 70% dark chocolate over 60% chocolate ganache with a tangy apricot chocolate yolk,

    60% chocolate coats our darkest 70% chocolate ganache with black sesame yolk,

    Our 45% Dark Milk over creamy milk ganache, chocolate pearls and a fragrant double espresso dark chocolate yolk,

    Caramel chocolate with caramel pearls and a refreshing dark cherry yolk.

    $88.00 PER BOX In Stock
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