• The flavors of gingerbread together are warm and inviting, making them perfect treats for any occasion, and we’ve found a better way to appreciate this with a 60% dark chocolate ginger and cookie chocolate bar we call our own.

    $11.80 FOR 2 In Stock
  • The Sign of the Deathly Hallows marks the Mono Truffles as one picks from dark or white truffles. Our gorgeous dark truffles are made piquant with pomegranate chocolate, and white truffles are filled with soft apple chocolate.

    $30.00 FOR 2 BOXES In Stock
  • We are delighted to present our take on delectable Chocolate Pudding, inspired by none other than the wonderful flavours of Dark chocolates, fruits and of course, a touch of real rum!


    $11.80 FOR 2 In Stock
  • Think apple pie as a chocolate bar! Made with our Caramel Chocolate, cinnamon-sprinkled apples, roasted walnuts and caramel pearls for a burst of flavours and cookie crunch in just one bite.

    $15.80 FOR 2 In Stock
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